Dr Joseph Barnard

Joe is a Mindsheet Associate who, as Managing Director of Barnard Microsystems (BML), has a wealth of experience in RF and microwave device and circuit design and characterization.  BML has extensive advanced RF and microwave test equipment and can cover bit rates to 12 GBit/sec and frequencies up to 26.5 GHz.

Joe also is an expert in Optoelectronic device design and test capability and C language scientific software development.  Joe’s has background expertise in the use of precision Cesium beam magnetometer to detect ferrous metals,  pulsed magnetic fields to detect metal and orthogonal polarized RF dipole antennae to detect command or detonation wires, all of which are key components for the stand-off detection of explosives.

Whilst running his own company, Joe also carried out the role of Head of Transceiver Design Group at Bookham Technology plc.  Prior to formation of BML, he was Manager of Optoelectronic Devices Division at GEC Hirst Research Laboratories.

Joe has a PhD in Electro-Physics from Cornell University, a M.Sc. in Solid State Electronics from Birmingham University and a B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics from Essex University.  Joe is a senior member of the IEEE, has written 24 papers, given 37 industry presentations and holds 15 patents with more pending.

Joe and his BML team recently took part in the MOD Grand Challenge where they submitted a range of Unmanned Air Vehicles (based on BML UAVs’ designed to survey oil pipelines in remote areas) and reached the final alongside Mindsheet.

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