Gavin Meikle

Gavin Meikle

Gavin is passionate about effective communication, both verbal and written and has a wealth of experience in the science and practice of influential communication.    He started Web Copy Doc in 2012 to to help his clients improve the effectiveness of their online communications.

Clients appreciate his enthusiastic and energetic writing style. He combines a practical business background in the Pharmaceutical Industry with  outstanding writing skills. Gavin has that rare ability to get inside the heads of both  his clients and their customers, creating copy that is clear, relevant and understandable.  He is also an entertaining and engaging public speaker.    He is able to assimilate technical information and turn it into compelling copy quickly.

Gavin has a BSc Hons in Chemistry, is a Master Practitioner in NLP and a certified NLP Trainer and Coach.   He has a successful public speaking blog that attracts over 10,000 visitors a month.

Gavin regularly writes articles on communication and presentation skills topics for various online blogs and newsletters.

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