Informal Development Management

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Your project performance is mixed, some projects may turn out well but many don’t. There’s no consistent approach to your development. It seems that every project has to reinvent best practices.

Your next step should be to take control of the development process. Start by categorising the different types of project that you undertake. Then for each project category, decide the best stages for review. Who does the review? What results do they need to see at each stage so that they can make the appropriate go/no-go/or redirect decisions?

Then start filling in more detailed guidelines within each stage as your organisation learns best practice. Roll out a training programme to ensure that project teams are up to speed with your latest development processes.

Raglan Tribe

Raglan Tribe

If you would like me to help you develop a custom plan for your organisation, then I would be delighted to provide a 45 minute telephone consultation. During the consultation, 44 minutes will be dedicated to the development of your plan – no pitch or anything like that. Only in the last minute will I offer my services for further help. Is that fair?

However, I can’t help everyone, I tend to specialise on larger technology organisations that are working on multiple projects at a time. If you think this applies to you, then apply for your phone conversation by pressing the button below.

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