Ken Maclauchlan

Ken is Programme Director at Mindsheet, where he is responsible for the operational delivery of projects. He was a lead change agent and programme manager for a major automotive company, and has a proven capability to deliver complex projects.

Ken was responsible for the delivery of Mindsheet’s contribution to a major £5.2 million project for ITI Techmedia to develop a breakthrough platform for brand protection and product authentication in complex multi-company global supply chains. This project involved co-ordinating the work of four industrial partners and managing the development, system integration and testing of a large scale platform and associated distributed applications.

Ken has extensive transport sector experience, including the development and testing of safety critical products. He spent four years at TRW Electric Power Steering Systems, where he worked as lead change agent and customer liaison and quality improvement manager, five years as Programme Manager and R&D Department Manager for TRW Advanced Product Development, and three years as Systems Engineer for Lucas Advanced Vehicle System Development., where he was involved in the development of the Lucas vehicle collision avoidance systems.

Ken has an MEng (Hons) in Microelectronic Systems Engineering from UMIST and is a Six Sigma Black Belt.

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  • Mindsheet were great, accurate and provided practical content in a short time. Terry Murphy
  • Excellent focus on delivery, excellent range of technical skills and expertise, grown to meet programme needs, outstanding innovation. Gaining access to key market sector stakeholders to steer programme Scott Freeborn
    MST Programme Manager, ITI Techmedia

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