ITI Techmedia, Machine-Readable Security Taggant Development

ITI Techmedia

One of the three Scottish Intermediary Technology Institutes (ITIs) – ITI Techmedia, wanted to develop Brand Protection technologies to stimulate the Scottish economy in this high growth area.

Mindsheet were chosen to lead the £5.2M Machine Readable Security Taggant project to create a Brand Protection platform, in partnership with Scientific Generics (Sagentia), Plexus and specialist cryptography company Ecebs.

Mindsheet partners for MST programme delivery

This 21-month project developed a breakthrough platform that enabled innovative system-level solutions for brand protection and product authentication in complex multi-company global supply chains. Mindsheet lead the concept development, systems analysis, development and integration of the MST demonstration system.

Specifically, Mindsheet’s role was to:

  • Research the market & business case
  • Develop the system concept
  • Design and develop the Brand Protection Management and Instrument Configuration Management sub-systems
  • System Integrate all the sub-systems

Not only was a revolutionary new Brand Protection system demonstrated, but Mindsheet invented 9 patents in this busy IP space.

Machine-Readable Security Taggant Demonstrator for Brand Protection

Machine-Readable Security Taggant Demonstrator for Brand Protection

Scottish Government Feedback on Mindsheet contribution to MST programme

Feedback from ITI final contract review report:

  • Excellent focus on delivery
  • Excellent range of technical skills and expertise, grown to meet programme needs
  • Innovation
  • Gaining access to key market sector stakeholders to steer programme

Scott Freeborn, MST Programme Manager, ITI Techmedia

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