Portfolio Excellence

Awesome your score is:

You have a finely honed development machine that delivers your business strategy and crushes your competition. Specifically you have Portfolio Excellence with:

  • Simple but effective development processes and tools for different categories of project. You capture best practises that have been hard won from previous developments and you make sure that they are properly deployed on future developments.
  • An empowered but cross-functional core team for undertaking every aspect of the project over its full life cycle. You create team accountability and authority to undertake the job.
  • A functional structure that willingly resources the core team including the extended team as the workload ebbs and flows. Highly trained staff are always available at the right time for projects.
  • A senior cross-functional, but decisive team that reviews each of the key phases of the project and that makes go/no-go or redirect decisions.
  • A properly balanced pipeline of projects that builds the future prosperity of the company, that out-flanks competitors and that wins market leadership.
  • A company strategy that robustly translates into market, platform, product and functional plans.

However, you are not so good at gearing your extended enterprise of suppliers, partners and customers.

What you now need to put in place is:

  • An “outside-in” approach that readily encourages customer partnerships and facilitates maximum leverage from your supply chain. No company is an Island. The Japanese coined the term Keretsu to describe their family of companies that are working together to dominate a market. Don’t ignore your family.
  • Adopt an “Open Innovation” style that lets ideas both flow out of the corporation to find better avenues for exploitation, and flow into the corporation as new offerings and business models. There is an abundance of knowledge which must be readily used if it is to benefit the company that created it. Don’t be restricted by the internal pathways to the market or else the value will have expired before exploitation.
Raglan Tribe

Raglan Tribe

If you would like me to help you develop a custom plan for your organisation, then I would be delighted to provide a 45 minute telephone consultation. During the consultation, 44 minutes will be dedicated to the development of your plan – no pitch or anything like that. Only in the last minute will I offer my services for further help. Is that fair?

However, I can’t help everyone, I tend to specialise on larger technology organisations that are working on multiple projects at a time. If you think this applies to you, then apply for your phone conversation by pressing the button below.


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