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Raglan is Managing Director of Mindsheet which he started in 2003. He has extensive board-level experience of delivering large, complex technology projects. Recent projects have been delivered to Cobham, Finmeccanica, De La Rue, Toyota, Hyundai, Siemens, Delphi Automotive, North Star Equities and ITI Techmedia.

Prior to the formation of Mindsheet, Raglan was the Group Research and Development Director of De La Rue plc. At De La Rue he led their product launch programme for the worlds’ largest currency conversion, the Euro which included the production of Euro Banknotes, new ATMs and cash handling equipment that added £100 million to the company’s top-line. He also managed a digital security group that developed PKI applications for supporting treasury functions in large enterprises such as BP.

Previously, Raglan had 12 years of automotive experience as the Chassis Systems Director of TRW Automotive, the R&D Director for Lucas Varity Automotive and Head of Advanced Product Development for Lucas Industries. In these roles he was responsible for the creation of the Chassis Systems Strategy, Adaptive Cruise Control, Electric Power Steering and a £12M pa technology consulting business (called Conekt). At Lucas, Raglan led development teams that created safety critical applications for aircraft actuator control, Full Authority Digital Engine Control and many Chassis applications. Additionally, Raglan helped establish some improvement projects that researched formal methods and different modelling methodologies for embedded systems.

He also gained 5 years Systems Engineering and missile guidance experience at British Aerospace.

Raglan led the Lucas Prometheus programme that resulted in the development of the world’s first high-speed autonomous car that included lane guidance, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance and lane departure warning. He also sat on the 1993 Foresight Transport Panel and setup the DTI Foresight Vehicle Initiative where he was Chairman until 1997. He has a BSc (Hons) in Computer Systems and has authored 28 papers and published 15 patents.

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