Reasons For Email Marketing and List Building

email marketing and list building

In this article I want to show you how to multiply the value of each website visitor by a factor of at least 52. So, if each visitor is worth on average £1, then use this trick to make each visitor worth £52.

Would that change your business? Well read on and I’ll show you why email marketing and list building is just so powerful…

Let’s say you’re an insurance company and you pay for clicks/visitors using Google Ads. Then, it’s pretty normal to be paying about £1 per click. If you’re not getting on average £1 back per visitor, then you’re losing money.

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about, it’s very easy to lose money with Google Ads!

Now you may be saying to yourself, but I don’t use Google Ads, I get free traffic by writing killer content. Well, it’s still the same principal. All traffic has a cost. You either pay cash or you pay with your time when you’re writing all this content.

Besides, the first rule of business is to price your own time as though you’re paying for someone. That means you force yourself to develop a more scalable business model that doesn’t rely on you been a slave to the business!

OK, back to this 52 fold multiplier on your visitor value. One way or another, you pay £1 per visitor and say each visitor has a 1% probability of converting into £100 sale. That’s very typical for the web.

That’s how you get £1 per visitor, because every hundredth visitor pays you £100 which means you get back the £99 that you lost on the other 99 visitors who didn’t buy anything.

At this point, you may be asking what happened to those other 99 visitors who didn’t buy! Well really, there are countless things that can go wrong in those 5 seconds that you’ve got to hook them in:

  • Some hit the back arrow, because your page took too long to load or because they couldn’t see what they wanted quickly enough. “Attention deficit syndrome” is pretty endemic throughout the population of web surfers.
  • Some wanted to buy, but wanted to check a few other quotes first
  • Some forgot why they arrived on your page in the first place. They never were in the market for insurance
  • A whole raft of competitors and web masters are simply checking out your site to see what they can rip off!

And many have just run out of time, with great intentions they promise to return when they’ve got more time and then promptly forget that you ever existed.

Really, you’re lucky that 1 person bought at all!

Email Marketing and List Building

Now instead of focusing on the sale, I want you to start focusing on getting their contact details. You’re going to offer them something free and very compelling in return for their contact details.

For the insurance example, it could be something like this:

“One small mistake cost this business owner £10,000, don’t request insurance quotes until you’ve nailed the 7 tips in this handy little insurance cost saving guide”

Simply, enter you email details in the box below and I’ll instantly email you the guide.

Now, I’m not in the insurance business and I’m pretty sure you could do a much better job, but do you see how compelling that free offer has now become.

But, here is the magic, with the contact on your database, you can now email them a reminder every week. That’s 52 times a year. A 52 times improved chance of getting the sale!

You’re now in control of the dialogue. You’ve plucked a potential prospect from the open market where you have to pay £1 just to get them onto your site and you’ve plonked them onto your email database. From now on, every communication touch is free.

This isn’t to say that you’re going to wear them down with the same irritating offer. Instead, you cultivate a relationship, you give them some valuable content and you build trust so that they are 52 times more likely to buy. Maybe not the original offer, but it could be any other offer that you provide.

With email auto-responders and blog posts the communication follow-ups and sales funnel lifting can be totally automated so that it involves minimum effort on your part.

Recently, Martin Lewis’s blog the “Money Saving Expert” was sold for £87M this was not so much to do with the web site, but more the value of the email list that lived behind the site.

This email list had umpteen proven buyers on it that was worth this staggering amount to the Money Super Market who purchased the site. The site was the prospect acquisition engine and the list was the bank of future business.

Therefore, you’re list builder should be the main focus for your web site.

Additionally, having a list means that you can keep bringing visitors back to your site every time you publish a new article. You’re building your very own niche market audience or channel.

This virtuous cycle will mean you get:

  • Better rankings on the search engines because more traffic is seen by search engines as greater authority
  • Repeat customer visits and familiarity will rope in more prospects as visitors share the page through their social media channels
  • Your site growth will exponentially accumulate as the list size increases

But overall, it will just mean better conversion rates and sales.

If you’re interested in building an email list, then enter your contact details into the form below to access our free list building training course:

“7 Minute Internet Marketing List Building Course”

Darn, I’ve probably just been rumbled, but at least you now see how email marketing and list building works!

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