Why Britain Must Get Ready For The Coming Robot Revolution?

Robot Revolution

In this talk, I’m going to demonstrate why robot engineering is about to become very hot and why Britain needs to get fully on board. First off, who teaches computer science? Who doesn’t? Who is worried about introducing the new computer science curriculum next school year?

Who is happy with the teaching resources for motivating kids doing computing? Who isn’t? Well listen carefully, because I’m going to show you some great resources for teaching kids computer science. Who has seen the film terminator? Anybody hazard a guess as to when Skynet will be built? Those who don’t know what I’m talking about will find out in this talk.

I was invited to give this talk by Chris Burgess of CBIS Education Kits. He’s the big smiley chap on Stand B79. Chris’s mission is to make learning Computer Science fun and to make it easy for schools to address the new Computer Science curriculum.

Now I’m not affiliated to Chris’s company, but as a Computer Science graduate, I really admire what he’s trying to do. I first met Chris 10 years ago, when he used to do engineering work for my company Mindsheet Ltd. We used to design new robot concepts for the Ministry of Defence. Here is a mobile surveillance robot that we designed for the MoD Grand Challenge.

We all know the promise of robots. There have been countless science-fiction books writing about their potential for space exploration, looking after the old and the handicapped, robot domestic help and of course flexible manufacturing that can even compete with low-wage economies.

But what’s gone wrong, why haven’t they happened yet? Watch the video to find out more!


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